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Thanksgiving break

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving feast, thank you, parents, for your donations and help!

Happy Thanksgiving! Classes resume Monday, Nov. 27th.Thanksgiving

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Angela Saenz

Welcome to first grade with Mrs. Saenz


Thank you for visiting!

Week of Dec. 4th

”Arf on the Rooftop” musical 

Thursday evening 6-7pm 

Adults $3   Students $1   Under 5 free

Math- Measurement, standard and nonstandard units

Language Arts- Complete sentences, choosing punctuation for the type of sentence

Science- S.T.E.M. measurement activities 

Phonics- words beginning and ending with the digraphs ‘ch’ and ‘sh’

examples:  chat, such, flash, shift, crush, rich  

Literacy and Social Studies: Christmas around the world

We will be studying the continents and oceans and Christmas traditions around the world


This week our elf, Jingle decides to measure his buddy with Non-Standard units. Such a smart elf! The kids noticed he could be more precise in his measurements, a bit crooked Jingle... 

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Check out our recent photos and upcoming events. You can view our detailed lesson plan each week through the educational websites tab or see the highlights above.

Contact me with any questions or concerns at or schedule a conference time during my planning period- 12:55-1:30

Homework: The 1st-grade homework page goes home on Monday and is due on Friday. If your child does not return their homework on Friday, they will complete it in class in lieu of going to centers with a ten point deduction for late work. 



Accelerated reader testing with your child's library books on Fridays has begun. They should read (or listen to you read) the books as they follow along at least 4 times throughout the week to ensure success on their comprehension test on Fridays. These books are short and take about 10 minutes to read or listen to, a very worthwhile investment made toward your child’s success as a reader!

Our classroom procedure regarding absences: Any graded work your child misses due to an absence will be placed in their mailbox and ready to take home as homework when they are able to return to school. 

Our homework is due on Friday. If your student is absent on Thursday, they may return their completed work the following week.

Our learning occurs through thoughtful and deliberate instruction, not just missed papers. Please have your student attend class unless fever or illness warrants absence!

First grade is the year we become fluent readers and every day builds on to the last. Attendance is the key to success!